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Surjeet Basmati 1 - Aromatic paddy variety for saline areas developed by a grassroots innovator

Shri Surjeet Singh is a well-known innovative farmer for high quality aromatic basmati paddy. Paddy variety developed by Shri Surjeet Singh is a boon for paddy growers in saline areas. The unique feature of the variety is tolerance to salinity and high yield (24 q/acre) with good recovery percentage of 67 %. In addition to this it is free from foot-rot disease (prevalent disease in paddy), requires lesser water and fertilizers as compared to other paddy varieties.

Shri Surjeet Singh has sown the paddy variety Pusa 1460 in his field in 2008, due to sheath blight disease all plants got severely affected except one. He harvested that plant separately and prepared a nursery in 2009, which was then transplanted in the main field. During harvesting he selected 225 plants based on the number of tillers, lengthy spikes and resistance to foot-rot disease (Bakanaerog), a major disease of paddy. The selection continued for another two years and the desirable characteristics slowly got stabled.

Salient features of Surjeet Basmati 1
  • Tolerant to salinity and high EC water condition
  • Free from foot-rot disease
  • High yield - 24 q/acre

National innovation Foundation- India (NIF) received entry of Shri Surjeet in the year 2012. NIF-India supported by conducting field experiment in Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI), Karnal in sodic and saline stresses condition. And the result showed better stress tolerance in terms of lesser reduction in grain yield due to salinity. During Kharif 2016, NIF India conducted multilocation trial in salt affected areas of Haryana, Gujarat, West Bengal and Maharashtra. The reports at farmers' field showed that the performance of the variety was appreciable and was superior in term of yield.

Shri Surjeet has received various regional, state, national awards and recognition. Shri Surjeet Singh has been selected for Innovation Scholars In-Residence Program (Fourth Batch) which was from 4-18th March, 2017 at Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi. The variety is also listed in Limca Book of Records for being high-yielding and salt tolerant. He also received national award by the President of India in Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi in Festival of Innovation-2015 organized by NIF.

NIF is built on the philosophy akin to the behaviour of a honey bee. NIF has taken major initiatives to serve the knowledge-rich but economically poor people of the country. It is committed to making India innovative by documenting, adding value, protecting the intellectual property rights (IPR) of the contemporary unaided technological innovators as well as of outstanding traditional knowledge-holders and disseminating their innovations on commercial and non-commercial basis.

Shri Surjeet Singh receiving national award from Hon’ble President of India

For availing the seeds of the variety the innovator may be contacted at: Shri Surjeet Singh (098134 70484), VPO- Brass, Tehsil- Nissing, District- Karnal, Haryana- 132001

You may also contact directly to National Innovation Foundation-India at: 02764261131/ 32/ 38/ 39 email ID: Grambharti, Amrapur, Gandhinagar-Mahudi Road Gandhinagar, Gujarat Pin: 382721(

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