Innovation of the day

Robotic Sprayer developed by Ganesh Shetty
Innovation of the Day 27-04-2017

Ganesh Shetty, a grassroots innovator from Chikmagalur, Karnataka undertakes electrical repairing works as his primary occupation. He has developed a remote controlled engine operated areca-nut and coconut tree climber along with a spraying attachment, described as robotic sprayer. read more

Tractor operated blowing orchard sprayer By Rajendra Chhabulal Jadhav
Innovation of the Day 26-04-2017

Shri Rajendra Jadhav is a fabricator by occupation from Nasik district of Maharashtra. During his regular discussion with farmers, he realised that the sprayers used by them are not efficient enough since while spraying the pesticide on the fields, liquid used to get dispersed into the air resulting in its wastage. read more

Modified combined harvester
Innovation of the Day 24-04-2017

Surendra Prasad (55), who is in the profession of agriculture machinery manufacture and repair, has developed a harvesting machine, which can be used for simultaneous harvesting, threshing and collection of straw. It can be operated using tractor of 65 hp and above. read more

BamHum - an innovative wind musical instrument
Innovation of the Day 21-04-2017

Moa Subong (56) is a musician who has developed a musical instrument called BamHum, which is a new wind musical instrument made out of bamboo. The name BamHum is derived from the two words, bamboo and humming. Playing the BamHum is simple;one has to simply hum a tune into the hum holethat produces a melodic tune. read more

Durga-4 Red carrot variety
Innovation of the Day 19-04-2017

Shri Madan Lal Devada, an innovative farmer from Jodhpur has developed a unique red carrot variety – Durga 4 from local carrot variety through selection method. read more

Kesho Phou: Improved paddy variety
Innovation of the Day 15-04-2017

Shri Wahengbam Kesho Singh belongs to Bishnupur district of Manipur, one of the states in North Eastern States in India. His inquisitiveness inspired him to come up with a new variety from a single plant growing near his paddy field which was totally different in morphological appearance from those which were growing in nearby fields. The salient features of the variety are high yielding (80-95q/ha), long panicle, high number of seeds per panicle (310-320), high number of tillers per plant and good to taste. It is also tolerant to stem borer. He considers his variety as a Gift of God and wishes to develop additional paddy varieties. read more

Sulkhaniya Bajra: Traditional Pearl millet variety from Rajasthan
Innovation of the Day 13-04-2017

Hailing from the most arid district Churu of Rajasthan, where summer temperatures goes beyond 50°C, Shri Hanumana Ram Jhuriya has been conserving this traditional variety of pearl millet, which is named after his village Sulkhaniya since last four decades through continuous selection method. read more

Pachaikkai - Improved Cardamom Variety by a Grassroots Innovator from Tamil Nadu
Innovation of the Day 12-04-2017

Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) plays a pivotal role in Indian cuisine. It is inseparable from sweets due to its unique and pleasant fragrance. An improved cardamom variety known as Pachaikkaiwas developed by Mr. L. Ramaiah from Theni, Tamil Nadu and now is maintained by his son Mr. R. Murugan. read more

Zion Mundi: Improved Black Pepper Variety from Kerala
Innovation of the Day 11-04-2017

Idea of developing new pepper variety that can be grown in shade and is free from foot rot disease cropped up in his mind during 1985-86, when there was major loss in his pepper variety due to heavy monsoon and foot rot. He observed that even in heavy monsoon two local varieties Neelamundi and Thotta mundi survived where Neelamundi was high yielding and Thotta mundi was tolerant to foot rot disease. Mr. George planted two varieties together and collected seeds selectively for further propagation. During 1998-89, after several rounds of propagation, he got Zion Mundi variety. read more

Chingjin Thabi Selection: Improved cucumber variety
Innovation of the Day 10-04-2017

Shri. Sapam Lukhoi Singh is a progressive farmer from Thoubal district of Manipur. He has developed a cucumber variety through mass selection from a local cucumber variety Chingjin Thabi. The specific characteristics of the variety are high yielding (25.87t/ha), long fruit (24.42cm), dark green, tolerant to leaf curl and excellent shelf life (10-15days). read more

Madhuvan Gajar: A High Nutritious Carrot Variety Developed By a Grassroots Innovator
Innovation of the Day 08-04-2017

Madhuvan Gajar carrot variety developed by Shri Vallabhhai Vasrambhai Marvaniya is aprogressive farmer from Junagadh district, Gujarat. During 1943, he found that a local carrot variety was profoundly used for fodder. He cultivated selectively this variety and sold this carrot in the market initially for the vegetable purpose at good price. Since then he along with family is working for conservation and development of this cultivar. The Madhuvan Gajar is a high nutritious traditional variety contains a higher β-carotene content (277.75 mg/kg) and iron content (276.7 mg/kg); it is used for various value added products like carrot chips, juices and pickles. read more

Ganesh Dutta Herbal Formulation for insect pest control in fruits and vegetables
Innovation of the Day 07-04-2017

Ganesh Dutta Herbal Formulation is aneffective formulation for insect pest control in vegetable and fruit crops. It is developed by a farmer Shri Ganesh Dutt Sharmafrom Kullu, HimachalPradesh and is a well-known herbal healer of his area. He lives in remote Hurcha valley and has good knowledge of valuable herbs of Dev bhumi Himachal having many hidden treasures. read more

An improved paddy variety from Uttarakhand - Indrasan
Innovation of the Day 06-04-2017

Indrasan paddy was developed by Late Shri Indrasan Singh, an innovative farmer and a social activist. This high yielding paddy variety helped the farmers in getting higher revenue in terms of yield. Shri Indrasan was very prominent person of his community and he was selected as a village head for eight times in a row. read more

Kudrat-5: A high yielding paddy variety
Innovation of the Day 05-04-2017

Shri Prakash Singh Raghuvanshi a progressive farmer and has developed an improved and high yielding paddy variety. The unique paddy variety has higher number of productive tillers, lengthy and more number of grain per spikes. Moreover the variety is tolerant to blight disease, matures in 120 -125 days and grains are small in size.During 2015-16, he distributed around 100 quintals of seeds to farmers. read more

Niranjan Bhata: A longer and sweeter variety of brinjal developed by a grassroots innovator
Innovation of the Day 04-04-2017

Shri Leela Ram Sahu, a progressive farmer has developed a brinjal variety from a traditional variety in Chhattisgarh. The variety has long fruit size with soft and sweetpulp. The number of fruits per plant ishigher as compared to other long brinjal varieties and is tolerant to major insect and pests. This variety of brinjal is appreciated by farmers for its long fruit size and higher yield. read more

Surjeet Basmati 1 - Aromatic paddy variety for saline areas developed by a grassroots innovator
Innovation of the Day 03/04/2017

Shri Surjeet Singh is a well-known innovative farmer for high quality aromatic basmati paddy. Paddy variety developed by Shri Surjeet Singh is a boon for paddy growers in saline areas. The unique feature of the variety is tolerance to salinity and high yield (24 q/acre) with good recovery percentage of 67 %. In addition to this it is free from foot-rot disease (prevalent disease in paddy), requires lesser water and fertilizers as compared to other paddy varieties.
Shri Surjeet Singh has sown the paddy variety Pusa 1460 in his field in 2008, due to sheath blight disease all plants got severely affected except one. He harvested that plant separately and prepared a nursery in 2009, which was then transplanted in the main field. During harvesting he selected 225 plants based on the number of tillers, lengthy spikes and resistance to foot-rot disease (Bakanaerog), a major disease of paddy. The selection continued for another two years and the desirable characteristics slowly got stabled. read more

New variety of Soybean developed by a grassroots innovator
Innovation of the Day 01/04/2017

Shri Kashinath N. Lokhande has extensively researched for eight years and developed a new variety of Soybean which has proved worthwhile for the farmers. The variety has unique features of high yield, early maturity and tolerant to yellow mosaic disease. In addition to this it has bolder seeds and requires lesser water.
During Kharif 2008, Shri Kashinath observed some healthy plants of JS 9752 variety with early maturation (10-12 days early). He selectively harvested about 300g of seeds from the plants. In 2009, he cultivated the seeds in a separate rows and harvested 15kg of seed. He repeated the practice year after year and in 2012 he had about 75ql of seeds of this variety. He has been cultivating and distributing the variety since 2012. read more