Sugarcane bud chipper

Sugarcane bud chipper

Name : Roshanlal Vishwakarma

District & State :  Narsimhapur, Madhya Pradesh

Category : Agricultural (General)

Award :   Consolation

Award Function :   5th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2009

Price :   Through dealer: Rs. 2200, Through innovator: Rs. 1600 (ex-factory India price + packaging). The price does not include transportation costs, taxes, etc

Delivery Period : One Week

Challenged by an engineer to make a machine that can remove buds from the sugarcane for the plantation purpose to minimize losses as well as time, money and seeds, Roshanlal came up with this implement. By pressing the handle, the unit removes the bud from the node of the sugarcane, which is then used for planting. As per CIAE (Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Bhopal) the technique is considered novel though they have suggested some ergonomic feasibility study. Slightly different kinds of chippers are reported from Tamil Nadu but this one seems low cost and efficient.

The machine is for removing buds from the sugarcane sticks. These buds are used for sugarcane plantation in horticulture.

Innovator was awarded in the Fifth Biennial Award Function From National Innovation Foundation.He has also been supported under the Micro Venture Innovation Fund at NIF. Marketing rights of Sugar Cane bud chipper is acquired by TATA Agrico.

Indian Patent Applied (No. 1501/MUM/2008) 

  • Conventionally, either the whole cane or sets are sown
  • The device includes a hemispheric knife actuated by a hand operated lever.
  • One needs to place the cane on the platform and press the hand lever. After every stroke the cane needs to be rotated by 180 degree by the other hand,
  • The chipped buds can be shown directly in the field or may be grown in nurseries
  • One can chip 250 buds/hr (average). The experienced labor can even chip 400 buds/hr
  • One can work for about 4 hours without much fatigue and after getting rest of 1 hour again work for about 4 hours
  • It reduces cost of plantation by over 90%
  • If nurseries are raised the field can be used for growing other crops in that period.

  • Portable, durable and Easy to use
  • Low cost
  • One can easily transport seed from various place
  • Due to this technology, the sugarcane buds can be pretested before sowing.
  • It reduces cost of plantation by over 90%
  • Extract is a perfect bud with a U shape cut on the sugarcane