Nutmeg Desheller

Nutmeg Desheller

Name : Sachidanandan V R

District & State :  Ernakulam (Kochi/Cochin), Kerala

Category : Engineering

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Price :   28,000 (ex-factory price + packaging). The price does not include transportation costs, taxes, etc.

Delivery Period : 15 days

The innovator hails from a place, where nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) is extensively cultivated. Although there is high market price for decorticated nutmeg (kernel), cultivators usually sells nutmeg without decorticating as decortications is very tedious and time consuming process. More over the labour, time and expenses incurred in decorticating makes it uneconomical to sell nutmeg after decortications. These made him think of a suitable machine for easy and speedy decortications of nutmeg.

Netmug Desheller is a machine which is used for decortications of nutmeg. Functional wise performance of the machine is very effective, and it decorticates over 95% of properly dried nutmeg in one pass. Nutmegs which not decorticated in the first feed are again fed with others for decorticating.

Indian patent filled 4027/CHE/2011

  • The machine consist of a hopper, a striking drum, a rotating disk with “S shaped” baffles, a motor, an output chute, an outer casing and a stand.
  • Power of motor - 0.5 hp, RPM – 1425
  • Overall dimension - 570 mm X 570mm X 850 mm
  • Efficiency 90% (According to innovator)
  • Capacity 150 kg/h

  • This is the only available in the market for decorticating nutmeg.
  • Nutmeg desheller provides farmers an opportunity for enhancing their income from nutmeg cultivation by around 40 – 50%.