Non Stick Earthenware

Non Stick Earthenware

Name : Mr. Mansukhbhai Prajapati

District & State :  Rajkot, Gujarat

Category : Utility

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Price :   7 inch- Rs:140, 8 inch-Rs:150, 9 inch-Rs:160

Non Stick coated Tawas are essential part of kitchen to prepare south Indian and low oil food but the coventional Non Stick coated tawas is costly and its life is about one year. Innovator came out with innovative solution and made a fusion of traditional and modern technology. He is master of making clay tawas because it is his family business and he learned the modern technology of Non Stick coating. The combination takes shape of solution, in which he made a Non Stick coating on conventional clay tawa. He used black Non Stick because black colour is a good heat absorber that is good for the cooking.

Innovator has won National award in NIF’s Fifth National Biennial Grassroots technological Innovations and Traditional Knowledge Awards, 2009

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  • Material: Clay
  • Clamps made from stainless steel
  • Diameter : 8", 9" & 10"


  • Non-stick coating provides low oil cooking facility
  • Non-stick surface prevent to sticking of food at bottom
  • Food grade non-stick gives a healthy food
  • Clay generates a unique taste to the food
  • Life of non-stick is equal to conventional coated tawas
  • Cheaper cost makes it affordable