Mobile phone with inbuilt charger

Mobile phone with inbuilt charger

Name : K.Karan Kumar & Siddharthanan K

District & State :  East Singhbhum, Tamil Nadu

Category : Engineering

Award :   Idea

Award Function :   IGNITE 2013 Awards

Award Year : 2013

What’s the idea:

A charger pin unit built in a mobile, which can be plugged in directly or through thin extendable wires. Hence, one now does not need to remember carrying the charger and also need not worry about freak accidents cause due to talking while charging. Both Karan and his brother Siddharathan use smart phones for various purposes. During one of their family excursions they took a lot of photographs using their mobile, which drained the battery quickly. As they had forgotten their charger, they could not charge the mobile and missed many opportunities of beautiful shots. This made them think and come up with this idea. The duo likes to play carom and chess, and want to become businessmen