Kerosene stove with gravity feed fuel tank and cylindrical wick

Kerosene stove with gravity feed fuel tank and cylindrical wick

Name : Mr. Mathew .V. Mathew

District & State :  -1, Kerala

Category : Ecofriendly Green/Energy conservation

Award :   Consolation

Award Function :   1st National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2001

Mathew V. Mathes has started the production commercially and presently is a successful enterpreneur of his innovation.

This kerosene stove consists of a burner set with gravity feed fuel tank and cylindrical wicks for reducing fuel consumption in kerosene stoves.

A burner set with gravity feed fuel tank at bottom, having a fuel regulation valve is provided. The fuel-regulating valve is fixed at only on a hole of fuel tank and through it the tank can be filled with fuel, using a funnel. The valve consists of metallic stopper fastened on a pin that is fixed on the tank with the help of a metallic clamp. A spring is kept between the metallic clamp and the stopper at the bottom of the fuel tank with fuel regulating valve. With the action of spring the hole in the tank remains closed except when the tank is placed upside down on kerosene tray, due to which the pin of valve touches the inside of bottom of kerosene tray and pushes up the stopper. So it results in free flow of kerosene into the tray from fuel tank through the valve.

When the kerosene tray is filled up to the level of valve, the flow of kerosene stops automatically because the gap through which air enters into tank is covered by kerosene in the tray. A fuel feed tube is connected to kerosene tank. Burners are fixed on fuel feed tube and a cylindrical wick is placed on the burner. The wick consists of an asbestos sheet covered with a brass mesh.

When the kerosene flows from tray through fuel tube into the bottom of cylindrical wick, the fuel level in kerosene tray falls.