Hygienic cloth hanger

Hygienic cloth hanger

Name : K.B.S Sukesh

District & State :  Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

Category : Engineering

Award :   Idea

Award Function :   IGNITE 2014 Awards

Award Year : 2014

The idea is to have a cloth hanger, which would release UV or any other germicidal rays that will kill bacteria keeping our clothes always fresh & germ free.

Sukesh likes to read books and play cricket. He wants to be a scientist and serve the nation. Rajat suggests having a dryer as well to keep clothes dry and germ free. He thought of this idea after visiting a hospital and realised the need to have germ free clothes to prevent the spread of infection. He likes gardening, reading science books and undertaking science based projects, learning new technologies, listening to songs and surfing internet. He wants to become an agriculture scientist and develop improved plant varieties organically.