Cure & Care

Cure & Care

Name : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory

District & State :  Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Category : Herbal products

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Various constituent herbs of “Cure & Care” have been reported and found to have anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritic, fly repellent, matricidal & maggocidal actions, which offer regeneration of skin tissues by curing damaged part.

Cure & Care offers better results in indications mentioned below:

  • Various types of feet cracks
  • Ringworm
  • Fungal infection between foot fingers

Each pot contains oil-based ointment with compound herbal extract.

Dose Recommended: Apply once or twice a day on and around the affected parts after cleaning the area with lukewarm water, till the skin is completely normal and free of affection.


  • Wide spectrum of protection against causative agents
  • Active tissue regenerator
  • Active crack healer
  • Stops fungal infections between foot fingers
  • Convenience of application
  • Uniform spreadability in all weather condition