Antiseptic Skin Nourishment Cream

Antiseptic Skin Nourishment Cream

Name : Sristi

District & State :  Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Category : Agricultural (General)

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Antiseptic Skin Nourishment Cream

The unique formula of the antiseptic skin nourishment cream combines the active ingredients to diminish discolouration and improve the overall health of the skin. It comprises of mild natural antiseptic that keeps the skin soft and smooth, aiding those blemishes that can be caused by dryness and exposure to the sun. Our antiseptic skin nourishment cream is ideal for use all over the body on all types of skins.


Product Detail
Our Brand HerbaGlow
Category Human
Formulation Cream
What for Antiseptic skin nourishment cream
Pack size 40 gm
Application Wash the skin throughly with cold water and apply the cram with mild rub.