Traditional Livestock Healer 2

Traditional Livestock Healer 2

Name : Chokharam Rayal

District & State :  Nagaur, Rajasthan

Category : Utility

Award :   Appreciation

Award Function :   3rd National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2005

 Chokharam Rayal (75) is a traditional animal healer and hails from Toda, Nagore Dist., Rajastan. Fully involved in the treatment of his patients, he travels up to 50 km from his home to treat them. His father also used to treat cattle and bone-related ailments. Some of the cures he uses have been passed on to him by his ancestors. Some other cures he has devised himself. Chokharam does not charge anything for the treatment he offers. His source of income is a patch of land which is not irrigated on which he cultivates sufficient grains to meet his personal needs.

The manager of Shri Gopal Goshala, Danta in Sikar vouches for the treatment developed by Chokharam using maida, ghee and cow’s milk for the condition of prolapsed uterus. Previously for this condition, they used to approach the veterinarian who used to apply sutures which would often come out or cause ulcers. But with the cure prescribed by Chokharam, there are no such problems and now whenever one of their animals develops such a problem they use this method.
Treatment of veterinary problems
Blood appearing in the urine of cows and buffaloes 
Take ghee (250 g), goat’s milk (1.5kg) and jaggery (250 g) and mix them well. Give this to the animal for two days. The animal will stop passing blood with urine.
Constipation in animals 
If a cow or a buffalo has difficulty in passing stool, boil the leaves of Jamal Ghota (500g) with water (1 litre) and give it to the animal to drink.
Boil mustard oil in an iron vessel. When it is boiling add the fresh leaves of neem and keep on boiling till the leaves turn black. Remove the leaves and apply the remaining oil on the affected area once a day for 4-5 days.
Mix the juice of lemon with water and wash the affected area. After this apply coconut oil. One lemon is sufficient for 100 gm of water. The amount of water is to be taken according to the area affected by the allergy.
Alternative cure 
Grind the dry roots of Bavli and take this powder (100 g) in a mud vessel and in the evening wet this powder with water (1 litre). In the morning strain the water, add a little bit of jaggery and give it to the animal, suffering from the allergy, to drink. It will be cured.
Prolapsed uterus 
This is a serious condition in which the uterus of the female animal protrudes outside the body before or after conception. To treat this cook Chutara (100 g) in water (1.25 litre) and add dana chili (1 litre) and the flour of bajra(300 g). Cool this preparation and give it to the animal to eat. If the sick animal is given this concoction twice a day for two days, it will be cured.
Alternative treatment 
Maida of wheat flour (1kg) and Desi ghee (clarified butter) (150 g) are mixed and kneaded well. This is then mixed with milk (1.5litre) and fed to the sick animal. This is repeated on four consecutive days in the evening. This medicine is to be administered on an empty stomach and the animal should not be given any food or water at night after taking the medicine.
Chokharam mentions that he improved upon the earlier existing treatment in the following manner:
Earlier maida was mixed with water. Because of this the maida stuck to the linings of the stomach and made the animal sick. To counter this he mixed the maida with ghee. He also started using milk to make the medicine more palatable to the animal. Also ghee and milk also give strength to the sick animal.
Treatment for retention of placenta 
For treating this Sesame oil (300 ml), Granular sugar (300 gm), Milk (1250 ml) and water (300ml) are mixed well and boiled. Then it is cooled till it is only slightly warm and fed to the sick animal. If it refuses to eat, use a feeding tube. If there is any difficulty, pour the mixture into a bottle, connect a rubber tube to the mouth of the bottle and insert the other end of the tube deep into the throat of the animal. Keep the bottle above the head of the animal. This medicine is administered once and if needed again after 12 hours. While feeding the medicine with a bottle and rubber tube care must be taken that the medicine does not go into the respiratory tube. The animal must also not be fed grains or green fodder. It should only be given dry fodder to eat.
Diarrhoea in cows or buffaloes 
If loose motion does not stop, take the young leaves of the banyan tree and grind them with water (250ml) and mix with milk (500 g). Give this medicine to the animal once every day for four days. The diarrhoea will stop.
Injured knee 
Take the dry bark of peepul tree, grind it and add the sharbat of gud. When it is slightly warm, apply it on the knee and tie a bandage. Do this two or three times a day for three days and the knee injury will be cured.
Treatment of certain ailments affecting human beings
Boils and lumps 
If boils or lumps appear at any place of the body such as behind the ear, on the neck, in the armpits, etc., dry the leaves, fruits, stem and roots of Khara Khaddu plant and grind them to a powder. Mix this powder with cow urine and apply on the boil or lump in the morning and in the evening. The lump will subside in three days. In the case of a boil or wound, it will be cured in 3-7 days.
Lumps in the breasts of women 
However much the breast may be swollen or sore, grind the Khara Khaddu plant after drying it and grind it. Mix the powder with cow urine and massage the breast with this paste twice a day for seven days. The swellings and lumps in the breast will go away.
Exceptional case 
Chokharam also relates an incident in which a young lady, who had been diagnosed by doctors as suffering from breast cancer, was brought to him. Her breasts had been operated upon twice to remove the lumps, but she could not be cured. Chokharam prepared the above medicine and applied it to her breasts for eight days and she was completely cured. This was seven years ago and the woman is still alive and healthy.
Blackening or rotting of the thumb/toe 
Chokharam relates a case when a girl’s toe had become swollen and turned black. A famous doctor of Sikar, operated upon her twice but she was not cured. Chokharam treated her with the powder of Khara Khaddu and cow’s urine and she was cured in five days and the problem did not resurface.
Mouth sores or swelling of the face 
If any person has developed mouth sores or swelling of the face, grind the wood of Brahma pipli with water and apply the paste on the face or the sores twice a day for three days.