Nif with motivation and guidance of dr. a p j abdul kalam initiated the ignite competition nationally in 2008. i am very happy to mention today that nif has been able to harness the creativity of young children from all parts of the country with increasing participating of children every year. nif had been blessed to have dr kalam’s continued ... More

28-02-2015 , Building a Great Indian Agriculture Innovation System

Hon'ble governor of maharashtra- mr.vidyasagar raoji,hon’ble minister of agriculture and revenue, government of maharashtra and pro-chancellor of mpkv - shri.eknathraojikhadase, distinguished vice-chancellor - dr. tukaram more , members of the executive council, academic council and faculty, proud gradaund of the day, their equally proud parents, ladies and gentlemen. More

19-03-2013 , The release of the book on the hon’ble former President of India Smt. Pratibha Patil

 hon’ble vice president of india, shri hamid ansari ji, hon’ble former president of india, our beloved, smt pratibha tai patil ji, hon’ble shri devisingh shekhawat ji, prof sunaina singh ji, distinguished eminence, ladies and gentlemen. it is a special honour and a privilege to have had this opportunity of speaking on the momentous ... More

09-03-2012 , Welcome Speech by Dr. R. A. Mashelkar at 6th Award Function

 hon’ble president of india, hon’ble minister shri jairam ramesh, prof.anil gupta, excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies and gentle men, let me extend to you all a very warm welcome on the 6th presidential biennial award function of grassroots innovations and outstanding traditional knowledge. this is the first time in our history that the grassroots innovations ... More

02-03-2011 , India: Imagine, Invent, InnovateInspire

 –by t. “isaac” meyer, head of strategic planning & communications i am sitting in fraport (aka frankfurt international airport in germany), bathed in warm sunlight alongside windows overlooking the busy activity of terminal c. i am en route back home to vancouver after an amazing trip to kolkata, india. i was in kolkata for the ... More

09-02-2011 , 'Go for 'next', not just best, practices'

 nagpur: instead of copying the supposedly best practices from the west, indian scientists and technocrats should look for 'next' practices that will help them move ahead. this is true for innovations both in education as well as technology. next practices will pave way for inclusive growth which will help reduce the widening gap between the richest and the poorest. ... More

05-08-2010 , \"Innovation\'s Holy Grail\" - Harvard Business Review

"innovation\'s holy grail" - harvard business review by c.k. prahalad and r.a. mashelkar link pdf:-click here More

22-05-2010 , Article on Engineering a Cisplatin Nanoparticle

harnessing structure-activity relationship to engineer a cisplatin nanoparticle for enhanced antitumor efficacy link pdf:-click here More

09-03-2010 , Indian Decade of Innovation

symbiosis institute of management studies indian decade of innovation (2010-2020): agenda and the action r.a. mashelkar, frs president global research alliance link pdf:-click here More

18-11-2009 , 5th Competition Awards Function

  what a wonderful day this has been. may i request you to start with applause for innovative india ! you know i have always said the “i” in “ india ” should not stand for inhibition. the “i” in “ india ” should not stand for imitation. the “i” in “ india ” must ... More

15-11-2009 , TED - Breakthrough Designs for Ultra-Low-Cost Products

r.a. mashelkar: breakthrough designs for ultra-low-cost products engineer ra mashelkar shares three stories of ultra-low-cost design from india that use bottom-up rethinking, and some clever engineering, to bring expensive products (cars, prosthetics) into the realm of the possible for everyone. using a principle he calls “convex lens leadership,” r.a. mashelkar’s vision has catapulted india&... More

10-09-2009 , Leveraging Innovation Through Consortia & Networks

leveraging innovation through consortia & networks networks and consortia driven by national agenda driven by global challenge/ synergy grand challenge based networks private sector led networks large integrated large integrated programmes programmes requiring massive global resources link pdf:-click here More

09-09-2009 , Indian Mind Vs Indian Mindset: The Grand Indian Challenge

mind vs mind set : the grand indian challenge may i say first of all what a great honour, what a great privilege it is to be standing before you this morning. i want to thank all india management association and lucknow management association for doing me this honour. as one gets older, the company of the young makes you feel ... More

08-09-2009 , Innovation For & At the Bottom of the Pyramid

innovation at and for the bottom of the pyramid the last century: will the civilization survive the 21st century? blackett memorial lecture indian national science academy link pdf:-click here More

05-09-2009 , On Building Innovation Culture and Leaders

on building innovation culture and leaders innovation - a way of life some personal reflections...... leading change driving chnage managing chnage link pdf:-click here More

04-09-2009 , Role of IPR in National Innovation Ecosystem

role of intellectual property rights in national innovation ecosystem link pdf:-click here More

10-09-2008 , Technonationalism to Technoglobalism

technonationalism to technoglobalism about an year ago, i received a phone call from a young, prominent member of congress party. he said that he wanted to know my views on the indo-american nuclear deal. i responded by saying that i was not a technical expert in this area. yet i would attempt to give my own perspective, which will go ... More

05-06-2008 , Indian science, technology, and society: the changing landscape

indian science, technology, and society: the changing landscape over the centuries, india’s scientific and technological position among developed and developing countries has shifted. several centuries ago, it was characterized by scientific thought, capabilities, and techniques more advanced than many countries. however, when the scientific and industrial revolutions took place in the west, india was in a stagnant period. ... More

06-12-2006 , Gandhian Engineering - Interview with IDEAS-RS

gandhian engineering is not just for the poor dr. mashelkar: in may this year, the australian academy in canberra conferred on me an honorary fellowship. in the 40 years of their existence this is the first time they were honouring an indian, that too in the presence of mr. carr, their minister for science & technology. the academy asked me to ... More

16-10-2001 , Building Borderless Minds and Borderless Thinking

                                                                             mahatma gandhi memorial oration building borderless minds and borderless thinking on 16th october, 2001 at indian institute of management ,kolkata dr. r.... More

04-02-2000 , Indian Science Congress Inaugural Address

 may i extend a warm welcome to you on this momentous occasion at the dawn of this new millennium? we are meeting in this great city of pune, the intellectual, cultural & educational capital of this state. the arrival of the new millennium, which going by cold arithmetic is one year away has been advanced by all of us, ... More

13-12-1999 , Science, Technology, Innovation - Bose Einstein Lecture

 science, technology, innovation: their impact on economic and political power bose einstein lecture by dr. r.a. mashelkar, f.r.s. director general council of scientific and industrial research new delhi,december 13, 1999 india international centre,new delhi introduction it is a matter of great honor and a privilege for me to deliver this lecture named after two of the ... More

16-07-1999 , Sir Purshotamdas Thakurdas Memorial Lecture

 sir purshotamdas thakurdas memorial lecture, 1999 resurgence of innovative india: the challenge and the strategy by dr. r.a. mashelkar director general council of scientific and industrial research new delhi – 110 001   16 july 1999 the indian institute of bankers mumbai i feel greatly honored and privileged that i have been invited to deliver the 1999 sir purshotamdas thakurdas memorial lecture. i wish ... More

21-02-1999 , JRD Tata Corporate Leadership Award Lecture

 jrd tata corporate leadership award lecture by dr. ra mashelkar, f.r.s. director general council of scientific & industrial research new delhi february 21, 1999 all india management association new delhi i deem it a great privilege and honor to have received the jrd corporate leadership award. this is a moment of great joy, happiness and pride for me. i ... More

14-01-1999 , Economics of Knowledge - 16th Dr. CD Deshmukh Memorial Lecture

 16th dr. cd deshmukh memorial lecture economics of knowledge by dr. r.a. mashelkar, f.r.s. director general council of scientific & industrial research new delhi january 14, 1999 india international centre, new delhi i feel privileged and honored to have been invited to deliver the cd deshmukh memorial lecture today. cd deshmukh was a person of such rare charm ... More