Pepper Thresher

Pepper Thresher

Name : P. K. Ravi

District & State :  Idukki, Kerala

Category : Agricultural (General)

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Price :   Model 1:150 Kg per hour Rs. 24,250/- Including 5% tax Model 2:300 kg per hour Rs. 35,000/- including 5 % tax (ex-factory price + packaging). The price does not include transportation costs etc.

Delivery Period : 15 days

Pepper is usually manually threshed, which a cumbersome and time-consuming job is done by women. During threshing, the berries may get damaged and the threshing percentage is also low. This machine is used to thresh the pepper berries both mechanically and manually.

Innovator has developed the thresher which is used to thresh the pepper berries mechanically as well as manually. The thresher consists of a feeding hopper made of an iron sheet, a rotating wire-loop type threshing drum and a concave metal sheet with a perforated bottom, all of which are mounted on the main frame. Power from an electric motor is transmitted through the V-belt and pulleys to the threshing drum. The machine also has the facility of manual operation. The harvested pepper spikes are directly fed to the hopper through the rotating drum. The threshed pepper passes down through the perforations and gets collected at the berry outlets.


Innovator has been awarded in Third Award Function of National Innovation Foundation and supported under MVIF scheme of NIF

Indian Patent Applied (No. 724/CHE/2011)

The machines are available in two models; in the first model, about 150 kg of pepper can be threshed in one hour using half HP motor and in the second model, 300 kg of pepper can be threshed in one hour.

  • Can be operated automatically and also manually
  • Threshing capacity is 300 kg/hr to 600 kg/hr
  • Feeding rate 50 - 100 kg at a time
  • Threshing efficiency = 95 %
  • White pepper could be prepared in the same machine