Innovative Seed Drill

Innovative Seed Drill

Name : Gopal Dave

District & State :  Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Category : Agricultural (General)

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Price :   Rs 18,000 (ex-factory price + packaging). The price does not include transportation costs, taxes, etc

Delivery Period : 15 days after confirmed order with 50 per cent of the price as advance payment.

Different kinds of seed cum fertilizer drills are available in the market but the demand of one which can do a multispeed sowing for mixed cropping remained unmet. Due to this either sowing is done manually or even if any kind of seed drill is used it is not as successful. Innovator observed the problem and made seed drill which has a unique metering system and can sow seeds of minimum quantity.

It is a seed drill system having a unique seed metering mechanism. It enables farmers to carry out multi-seed sowing either simultaneously or separately. The automatic seed drill having a cup and cone type seed metering mechanism, has been designed for mixed cropping especially for small seeds. The machine consists of a taper worma and taper brush fitted around the taper worma. When the tapper worma rotates at the operating end then the crop seeds come from seed hopper with the help of screw worma and these pass through the taper brush. Now these seeds pass on to the distributor through which seeds are distributed uniformly in all directions. A handle, which is attached to the main shaft helps in lifting up the machine. This handle lifts the shaft and prevents wastage of seed crops at the sowing time.

Innovator has been supported under MVIF scheme of NIF. Innovator was felicitated by Union Minister of Agriculture Shri. Sharad Pawar for addressing a problem faced by the farmers which no one thought about. Innovator until now has sold more than 1000 unit

Indian Patent Applied For (No. 365/DEL/2008) 

  • Size (LxWxH) mm – 1320x365x1659
  • Capacity of seed boxes – 22 lit each
  • Ground wheel diameter – 381 mm
  • Width and lug height -12
  • Transmission system – chain sprocket assemblies and a bevel gear unit.


  • A very small quantity of 200gm of seed can be sown with the drill unlike other conventional seed drills.
  • The drill can maintain uniform speed to seed distance and the seed level inside the seed hopper can be seen from driver’s seat.
  • The device saves labor and time consumed in clearing seed containers for next seed sowing and the time and cost of second sowing. It is best suited for mixed cropping. The seed rate can be adjusted from 3 kg/acre for a small size seed to 60 kg/acre for grain or similar crops.
  • Unique metering system.
  • Variable seeds can be sown in mixture at a time.
  • Specially used for mixed cropping.
  • No wastage of seeds at turns and higher speed