Biennial Award Function


Anti-Bolting Device
By : Gobinda Chandra Gogoi
Auto Compression Sprayer
By : Arvindbhai R. Patel
Automatic Motor Winding Machine
By : Kailash Srivastava
Bicycle Mounted Sprayer
By : Mansukhbhai Jagani
Buttonhole Stitching Machine
By : Anil Rashmikant Kamdar
Control of leaf curl disease in brinjal
By : Popatbhai Jambucha
Control of sucking pests in cotton
By : Takhatsinh Dalpatsinh Patel
Cycle Operated Horse Shaver
By : Mohammed Idris
Cycle operated water-lifting pump
By : Vikram Rathore
Double Acting Reciprocating Pump
By : Manubha Vaduji Jadeja