Innovation of the day

Wrapper picker by Diptanshu Malviya and Mukul Malviya

Two young brothers, Diptanshu Malviya and Mukul Malviya, from Sirohi, Rajasthan have developed a motorized device, which picks up littered pieces of wrappers, papers, pouches, etc and collects them in a storage bin.

Snacking is something, which most of us like to indulge in. Wafers, chocolates, biscuits, fruit cake, water pouches, etc. are consumed and their wrappers strewed around. These have to be later picked up manually, which is laborious and time consuming. Presently there are no machines available in the market to do this task automatically.

Mukul and Diptanshu thought about such a device when they saw a sweeper picking up waste pouches, pieces of paper, and empty wafer packets littered across a bus station. They realised how difficult it must be for him to bend every time to pick up such pieces and came up with this device.

The machine is very simple, easy to operate and maintain and is very useful for sanitation workers. It has great potential for diffusion by Municipalities, Town area Committees etc. and is an ideal technology for adoption to fulfil the objectives of the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”. NIF got developed an improved model of the same with the help of designers.


Diptanshu Malviya and Mukul Malviya were conferred with an award for their “Wrapper Picker” during 9th National Grassroots Innovation Awards.