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Multipurpose tool - Axe cum chisel cum hammer by Mohd Rafiq Ahanger

Mohd Rafiq Ahanger, a blacksmith by occupation, has developed a multipurpose tool, which can be used as an axe, hammer, chisel, blade, screw driver for domestic or other carpentry tasks. It is an implement combining the three basic tools required by a worker/ farmer viz. hammer, chisel and axe. It is made from high carbon steel and can be used as one of the three tools as per the requirements. This tool can replace or combine various tools into a single product rather than having them separately, for example, as an axe for cutting wood, hammer for fencing, chisel for carpentry, nail remover for removing nails. This tool reduces human effort by combining multiple tools and benefits the user by monetary terms.

Rafiq identifies closely with the problems people have to face in rural areas, by virtue of himself being one of them, and that easily reflects in the kind of products / innovations he comes up with. He lives in a village and frequently face problems while using many available agricultural tools for different works like carpentry work, agricultural work, wood cutting etc. He realized that if there could be a multipurpose tool, not only cost but carriage and storage will also be easy. The multipurpose tool has been designed in such a way that it can be beneficial for both domestic and agricultural purposes.

Rafiq has come up with a number of other useful ideas and innovations. He has developed an implement for easy digging, which is a hand tool, and can be used for digging as well as collection of the dug mud/soil. He has also developed an ergonomic spade, automatic sieve, safety jacket for walnut harvesting, modified iron sheet cutter, automatic sickle, and improved cloth iron among others.

Entrepreneurship goes hand-in-hand with innovation, in 2015, Rafiq was given the non-exclusive manufacturing and marketing license of walnut cracker and walnut peeling machine, the innovations of another grassroots innovator, Mushtaq Ahmad Dar. These technologies required further modifications to get perfect acceptability of farmers/ end users. Rafiq worked on both the technologies and refined them. The new products are improved versions of the original technologies, and have been much appreciated by users and experts.

NIF has supported Rafiq in incorporation of a fresh entity called “Rafiq Innovations Private Limited”, under the NIF Incubation and Entrepreneurship Council (NIFientreC), a technology business incubator and a variety of support activities are underway to realize the true potential of a grassroots innovator.

Mohd Rafiq Ahanger was conferred with an award for this innovation during 9th National Biennial Grassroots Innovation Awards 2017, held on March 4th, 2017 at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi.