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Durga-4 Red carrot variety

Shri Madan Lal Devada, an innovative farmer from Jodhpur has developed a unique red carrot variety - Durga 4 from local carrot variety through selection method. The uniqueness and special characteristics of the variety include:
  • Long carrots (60 - 80 cm)
  • Red in colour, nutritious with sweeter taste
  • High vitamin E content
  • Long shelf life
  • Long leaves used as green fodder for animals

Shri Madan Lal studied upto 10th class. His main occupation is farming. He owns 40-50 bighas of land where he cultivates carrot and he leases another 40-50 bighas for carrot cultivation. Apart from carrot he also cultivates Radish, castor, cumin, bajra and wheat in his fields. His family comprise of wife Smt. Hawa Devi (45 years) and 5 children. His eldest son Jirma Ram (30years) has studied up to 10th standard and is involved in farming, while his younger son Shri Shivraj is in his MA final year. His daughters - Bansi (28), Manju (26) and Kiran (22) are happily married. His family is involved in farming and he sells carrot on large scale to all parts of Rajasthan as well as to Delhi, UP, MP, Gujrat, and Maharashtra. He also sells seeds of this variety to farmers living in neighbouring villages and districts.

He started experimenting in 1998, when he brought the seed of a Desi carrot variety from a farmer living in Tiwari near his village Mathaniya. He planted the crop and found that some of the plants were superior to others in terms of health and yield quality. He selected these and planted them for seed production through carrot top propagation method. The seeds thus produced were planted in the next season. This way he has been selecting the best plants for seed production for the last 15 years. He even sorts the seeds into various grades and the best seeds are chosen for planting.

Biochemical analysis of four carrot varieties was carried out at CALF Lab (National Dairy Development Board, Anand). The results show that the β-carotene and iron content in Durga 4 was 72.08 mg/kg (dry basis) and 95.8mg/kg respectively. The vitamin E content was highest in Durga- 4 (52.1 IU/kg).

Farmers’ field trial were carried out to test the performance of three farmers developed varieties (Durga- 4, Madhuvan Gajar and Laxmangarh selection) in comparison with three local checks and a national check variety in Patan district of Gujarat at farmers’ field. The performance of Durga - 4 (542.5 q/ha) was at par with national check (550.8 q/ha) and far superior than local check varieties. The variety Durga - 4 was free from disease and pest incidence and was very sweet in taste with less forked roots.

NIF has recognized Shri Madan Lal Devada for his excellent work and he was awarded National Prize by Honourable president Shri Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhavan during Festival of Innovation (FOIN) held in March 2017 at New Delhi.

Shri Madan Lal Devada Receiving National Award from the President Shri Pranab Mukherjee, FOIN 2017, New Delhi.

Shri Madan Lal Devada received an overwhelming welcome by his family and village members when he reached back to his village after receiving the award. The whole community appreciated his efforts and were pleased to note his achievements. Many farmers wanted to grow Durga 4 in the coming season and the seeds of his variety are in great demand.

Shri Madan Lal Devada Received a grand welcome by his community and friends in his village.

The seeds of the variety can be procured directly from the farmer at his address: Kassi Farm, Chaundar,Vard no.-17,Vill-Mathaniya,Teh-Tiwari, Dist.-Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Mob. 09413139830

You may also contact directly to National Innovation Foundation-India at: 02764261131/ 32/ 38/ 39 [C/o Grambharti, Amrapur, Gandhinagar-Mahudi Road Gandhinagar, Gujarat Pin: 382721 (

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